Dexxe: Can you believe this!?

Rosa: What?

D: This! (hands her a piece of white tissue paper with the  message ‘GET WELL SOON, SLY! Yours, Shoste!

Oooooh. How sweet.
Oooooh. How sweet.

R: ‘Get well soon Sly’. Is Sly sick?

D: That is not the point.

R: I don’t get you. What is the point? It better not be your dislike of the font used. You picky son of a bitch.

D: No it’s not that. It’s what the message means. A guy writing cute messages to a girl that is in his class? How immoral is that? That is just wrong.

R: What?

D: Why write a ‘cute’ message to one of your classmates?

R: I think it’s sweet and makes one feel better.

D: I think it’s immoral. It encourages relationships between class mates.

R: You know I really don’t get you. Are you saying that relationships between classmates are bad? Is this Shoste a female to make it all wrong or what?

D: Shoste is a guy. My point is we shouldn’t allow relationships between classmates because they are immoral and therefore a sin

R: How is it immoral?

D: What do you mean, how is it immoral? You are those apologists, arent you? ‘Nyow nyis it nyimmoral?’ Shame shame for promoting that behaviour. Where is the world going. First it will be it’s okay to talk to your female classmates for somethings other than class work. Next they will start dating each other. Classmates. DATING!! I don’t even want to think about it, it makes me want to puke.

R: Then don’t.

D: If classmates are allowed to date publicly, what message do you think it brings to the kids? That it’s okay to just ignore your books and go to school just to look for your wife/husband. Just pick your deskmate as your girlfriend/boyfriend and continue with life. It is wrong, it should be banned by the government quickly cos it’s all downhill from there?

R: Is it now?

D: Hell yes, first it will be allowing classmates to date and marry next it will be work mates getting married. Can you imagine how wrong it would be if someone married someone from their office? Imagine if they had kids. How would they explain it to them? ‘Mommy and Daddy work together in the bank. Mommy is teller 9 and Daddy is teller 10. We are always together even at work because we love each other.’ Did you hear how wrong that sounded? Kids should not be exposed to such manners. That is just a sophisticated form of child abuse. Parents should be from different professions to allow kids have the proper balance in life. It’s even in the Bible.

R: Here we go.

D: No seriously, God made Adam and Eve different so that they can be different . Eve would care for the kids while Adam would go hunt plants (you know, because every animal was vegetarian ). And if Adam was with his kids, Eve would do something else. This caused balance in their life.

R: The balance needed for Cain to avoid committing suicide after killing his brother?

D: Now you are getting out of topic. The point is, if one parent, is a banker, let the other one be a lawyer or something. Don’t let them all be one thing. That is what is causing divorces in today’s couples. I saw it on Facebook. People learning or working together everyday should not marry or be in a relationship. Because when are you going to get your free time if you are always together at home, in school and at work. That is too much tension and that is why it won’t work out. What if one is promoted before the other? Or one get’s a resit while one passes? What will happen then?


D: What?

R: No. Nothing, I don’t want to say anything because it’s seems you are stuck on some very archaic reasoning.

D: No. You don’t want to say anything because you see my logic.

R: Fuck you.

D: Bitch.

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