Today is Friday and society requires me to be overwhelmed and take every opportunity to remind the same society of this weekly occurrence. So yeah, TGIMFF. The matatus are on strike, the lecturers might be too. So what better way to enjoy this day even more other than by glorifying violence.  How about a Sexy War Calendar? Just a gallery of  half battle-dressed women posing with artillery and other military-ware to further desensitize us on this security issues that is slowly being irrelevant.  The photos were shot for Hot Shots 2013 calendar. Because nothing is sexier, than a dick-shaped missile torpedoing towards your house.

Pretty soon people will be thinking,

I don’t mind being invaded by a foreign country as long as the soldiers are hot.


Yo. Did you see the way that soldier kicked down that door before killing that guys’ whole family? Man I saw that and I was like, damn, ‘I need to get me them shoes nigga. YOLO. Justin Beiber. SWAG’

By the way, yesterday at a security check, my bag got screened for bomb residue.  At least that is what I thought was happening. They swiped my bag with a piece of wet cloth and ran in through a scanner. What the hell is that? At first I thought they were checking to see whether I was radioactive. Shit. What if the dirt on my bag had given out false readings. I have never washed this said bag for a whole year. Who knows what kind of residue it might have collected?

I’m sorry, I wander. Where was I? Oh yeah, promoting violence pictures. Oh what taste we have these days. But I personally believe that eroticizing war and violence isn’t enough, let see more nauseatingly tasteless fashion pictures. How about a fashion shoot of women getting plummeted to death by soldiers? Somehow I think that is already out there. What about one glamorizing incest, rape, pedophilia or bestiality? What? Those are there too? How about all of them in one shoot? If we are going to erode our sanity, let us go overboard, you know. As long as the models are hot and have on designer wear, we are okay with it. You know what, scratch that. Just do whatever you want, we’ll believe whatever self-serving label/course you will feed us.



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