This is the part you say how long it has been since you last posted on this site .

So I haven’t been here for a long time.
This is the past where you blame it on some thing like writer’s block, busy schedule or a job.
I have been extremely happy with nothing to complain about for the past few months. That’s why I haven’t been around.
Oh, so you opted for a lie as an excuse. Nigga we know it’s cos you’re lazy.  Now promise us how you are going to try and post more.
I seriously am going to post more. Even if it is just me saying I had a nice bowel movement experience. I am going to be taking a few minutes a day to say something no matter how mundane just to get things pumping. After I get my momentum I will come up with a religious schedule. Because we all know how strict I am on religion.
This is what you last said time. 
We’ll this time it will be different.
Of course out will.


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