Join The D Book Club. An organisation  that sells books and meets readers to discuss the newest and hotly debated best selling books. The first 50 members to join The D Club get the following books absolutely free of hustle.

  1. How To Grow Back Your Foreskin
  2. Infecting Cancer Cells with Cancer Is The Cure for Cancer
  3. A Doctors Guide To Douchebaggery
  4. Tattoos That Will Improve Your Self Worth
  5. How To Give A Fuck
  6. The Connection Between Cleavage and The Large Hadron Collider
  7. Your Earlobes Control Your Life
  8. The Amount Of Shit Kenyans Are Full Of
  9. 100 Pictures That You Will Immediately Forget About
  10. An Avocado is A Shoe

An if you like The D Book Club’s Facebook page, you will get the following titles gratis

  1. Why The Number 4 is The Devil
  2. Eating Beef To Lose Weight
  3. How To Drive Like A Matatu Driver
  4. A Complete List of Assholes
  5. Using Fear and Hate To Boost Your Child’s Self Esteem
  6. I Committed Suicide And It Helped
  7. Boobs
  8. Jesus Died For Your Sins: So If You Don’t Sin He Died For Nothing
  9. Why Plucking Your Pubes Out Is better Than Shaving Them Off
  10. Make Your Grammar More Better

And If you invite a member to join our book club you will get the following motivation books for free

  1. Eat Right And Die Healthy
  2. 214 Ways of Asking Your Girlfriend For Anal
  3. How To Stop Being Lazy and Start Procrastinating Instead.
  4. Making Punctuality Sexy So That Girls Keep Time
  5. How Not To Mispell
  6. Your MP Really Cares For You
  7. Think Dick
  8. Gossip Makes You Fat And Ugly
  9. How To Market Your Nail Clippings To Make Money
  10. Dream Big

So join The D Book Club today and invite your friends for this and more.


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