Something Christmasy

I went to church today. It was on a Wednesday dammit, I was caught with my pants off. Literally. Mom rapped on my door all like, 'Church nigga!' and so I woke up, put on my pants and we went. I figured since the 25th of December is when we decided to say that Jesus was born, it makes sense to go to His house for the birthday celebrations. I was so close to not going to church this year. Damn. Better luck next time.

The Thirst

We got gifted with a lovely pack of Minute Maid juice this Sunday and had a hell of a time opening it up. See the thing is, we (my cousin and I) are not used to this fancy stuff. And not just because we are always broke... wait, that's actually it. We cannot afford this shit. So when I tried opening I just twisted the cap with click click click but nothing was happening. I had to call people to ask what I was doing wrong. We were told to twist until the clicking stopped and the cap came off. But then we found a seal and we were confused. I called back.
Michael Shannon is General Zod in Man of Steel

Michael Shannon is General Zod in Man of Steel

Here is my opinion of why I need to stop watching remade comic movies that have an ensemble cast. Please read on and tell me if your view is anything close to mine. Spoiler alert. I hated this movie. As in if I had an option between getting strangled by a bear and watching this movie, I would need to know how big the bear was so that it is quick and painless. Unlike this movie.