The justice system is fucked! Or so they say. I have bribed my way out of being in front of a judge every time I got caught pirating music so I cannot know how a judge and his system function. But from what I hear, you cannot expect Justice (or Jasto as I like to call him) to use the law correctly. Some times, you have to snatch it right out of Jasto and take the law into your own hands. The result is mob [in]justice. Have you seen one take place? I have. They are a sad thing to watch. Of interest though is the time it takes the ‘criminal’ to die.

Whole 9 x 6 building boulders get smashed right on his head and still this guy is out there begging for his life, ‘Tafadhali ni sameheni‘. But of course the mob will have none of that. This man had raped his daughter to death and Jasto would had done nothing to help. Even after the man was caught earlier by the wife assaulting the kid and forwarded him to the authorities. Jasto just said that it is not true and let the man go. Both times. So, no , ‘Tafadhali hatutakusamehea‘.

So the public proceeds with the assaulting. Stones are thrown. Sticks poke. Kicks and blows. But still, he is out there begging. Pleading. But on deaf ears. The women in the crowd are the most vocal. Giving out other allegations that make the men even more physical, ‘ Huyu ndio pia alifanya bibi yake ajiue.’

Something I noticed though was that in most of the mob justices, whether it is that one I saw or the countless others I have heard or seen online, is that the victim takes a serious thrashing but takes too long to die, if the police does not show up to save them. I bet these thugs are glad to get caught by the police at such times.

Why does it take them so long to die though? A laptop thief was once caught in our hostels and thrown off the second floor and he hit the ground running. If it were anyone else, I bet that drop would have been fatal. So what makes them endure so much? Is it the guilt? It is the unconscious knowledge that he deserves everything that is done to him? If so, is this why the mob is so aggressive in their methods of torture? Does the mob use ‘hardness’ of the victim as a litmus test for proving that the man is guilty? I would guess so.

An innocent person succumbs quickly. A guilty one does not. To know whether the suspect is guilty or not, slap him hard across the face. If he screams and shouts and insists he is innocent, advance the brutality. Kick him in the face with your steel-toed boots. If he still denying it, use sticks and stones to break bones. Is he still begging? Repeat everything but now, all at once. Extend the torture as long as possible. If he is still struggling to survive, there you have it, solid conclusive undeniable proof that the suspect is guilty. ‘Mwizi hakufangi rahisi‘ you may announce to the blood-thirsty mob. This is usually taken as a cue to bring forth the petrol and match box for some barbecue.

But if you slap him and he staggers to hit his head on the building next to him then falls down and splits his whole head open, the only person who is guilty is you, for murdering an innocent man.

So there you have it. Solid way of proving that the alleged headlights thief is guilty.

I have embedded some Youtube clips showing how this is done practically and I must say that Kenyans are just brutal. A suspect is murdered for stealing a monophonic Nokla but the best we can do about the men that have legalized robbery (MPs) is just complain (and make jokes) on social media? But maybe, just maybe that is all that we can do about the MPs. It is not like we can vote them out or anything. On March we lined up to vote for the best candidates so sadly, those MPs are the best we can have to represent us. So maybe that mob is just taking it out on the Nokla thief. All the blows and insults are just meant for someone else but since they cant get to him, they take it out on this poor guy. I am no psychologist, but I believe that the passive aggression that is stored in the hearts of many citizen is exploded out on people that do not deserve it. In short, it is not just the justice system that is fucked. It is the whole society.

So here are some videos from East Africa showing how we think we are being just. Warning, it is disturbing to watch. But I bet you have seen worse.

 [Our neighbours Ugandans mobjusticing]

[Man gets caught with a stolen Nok1a]

[Police help burning victim by putting him out of his misery]


[Mob gets man with a woman’s handbag and decides he does not look stylish enough with it so they beat him]



[Standard group records video of man being assaulted next to a Nation Group advert]

[Thugs cut people up at a wake and steal DVDs. Mob catches up with them and returns the favour]


[God of Isreal asked to visit Thika]


[Nation reenacts a mob scene at a better resolution to please Standard]


[Witch directs to mob to a woman 7 days after theft. Mob stones police for stopping her lynching]

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