A Standard One English book had the following ‘Fill in the blanks question’ which had me quite riddled and then stupid immediately after I learnt the answer. So I tried asking you guys to see if any of you can get the correct answer then completely forgot to give the right answer. Why didn’t you guys remind me? Is it because I am not fat?

Anyway here was the question. In case you are seeing it for the first time, try and fill in the blank before proceeding to the answer. Don’t cheat. I am not awarding marks.

Joe is John’s father. Therefore Joe is the ____________ of John’s father.

Now remember, this is meant for a 5 year old and has no multiple choices.  So for you it should be easy and should have figured it by now. What? You think the answer is ‘son’? You are wrong. It is not ‘grandfather; either. The answer is name. Joe is the name of John’s father. If you are feeling dumb for not getting that right you are feeling correctly. Haha. You are as dumb as me and I give you a 0. Yes I am awarding marks.

If you got it right, then genius try this one out for size. [Answer in next post]

You want to buy a shirt that costs 97 KeSh but you are broker than a cracked mirror. That is to say you do not have any money. So you decide to borrow. You borrow 50 KeSh from me and 50 KeSh from Rosa . So now you have 100KeSh. I hope I haven’t lost you. You buy the shirt and the shopkeeper, lets call him Bwire, LOL JK, his name is Jack Fotreds . Jack gives you  3 KeSh as your change. (100-97). So you decide to start paying off your debts. You give me 1 KeSh and give Rosa 1 KeSh. Then you are left with 1 KeSh, right? So now you owe me 49 KeSh and owe Rosa 49 KeSh. A total of 98 KeSh, add that to the 1 KeSh you’ve got and you get 99 KeSh. But we lent you a total of 100 KeSh so where did the 1 KeSh go to? Find the shilling. 


  1.  KeSh is Kenyan Shillings. Just in case you are slow like that.
  2. If you are thinking of the 2 shillings you gave us then that will sum it up to 101 and so the question should be where the hell did that extra shilling come from?

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