I single-handedly brought Netflix to Kenya. Don’t argue. Listen and believe.

But I have been been suggesting it for a long time now. I am glad they listened to me.

Before we start getting confused, Netflix is like if YouTube charged for watching it. It’s not like DSTV which needs a box and a dish. I feel like that’s important to point out. Netflix just needs good internet. 

It’s great news that Netflix is now in worldwide. But how exactly would it work in Kenya?


‘Niaje Kevo, si unidungie ile paswenje ya Netflix nicheki kitu fulani spidispidi. Si umelog off pande yako?’

There’s also the feeling that we do not understand how the free trial works.  I can feel someone thinking how they will use multiple email addresses to get multiple free trials, without thinking about whether all those trials will work on one debit card. But even if we were to hack that, how would the rest be?

Look at my case as an example. All the places I have lived have had no possibility of getting LAN internet. I called Zuku 2 years ago and asked them to come over, when they heard where I live, they were like, ‘Nah bruh, too ghetto. Our cables will be vandalized. So with this kind of shitty internet penetration, I would likely not be a Netflix account holder. And I wouldn’t dare use bundles on it.

But this may push bundle providers to rethink their strategy and maybe bring back unlimited internet. If Airtel could bring back their cheap, reliable, unlimited Internet, then I could very well consider online streaming services. But that’s unlikely.

So clearly this is for people who already have reliable internet at their place. The rest of us would really have to practice our Netflix and chill pick up lines so as to go to their house. Or use the campus/office internet. Or just stick with Ule Msee wa Mamovie. 

This also provides a good alternative to DSTV.  I don’t use it but if I were to go by my Twitter timeline, people are tired of their bullshit. Maybe if we get hooked on Netflix, then we would embrace online streaming and start checking out local online content. Like Buni.tv. Or better yet, this kind of competition can help make local content creators work on creating better content on network TV. Maybe then we can cancel Churchill and The Trend etc and replace them with real content.

Just because Netflix is everywhere, doesn’t mean it’s the same content unfortunately. They will use geolocation to restrict access of some content to some countries. It’s a licensing thing or something. I hope this does not apply to Netflix’s original content. Paying for Netflix and having to wait for House of Cards when other countries already have access is… problematic.

I really like Netflix shows. My favorite being Daredevil (read review here). I stopped watching in June 2015 though after being let down by Sense8 (review here). But if I get back on the wagon, I am planning to check out the other awesome shows others are talking about. Marco Polo,  that murderer show, Jessica Jones, Narcos, Beasts of something something and many more.

The service will cost between 800 and 1200 KES and payment options are credit/debit card and paypal. I would be interested to see how fast they add MPesa as a payment option. Because, to me, that is usually a sign of how serious an international company is with investing in Kenya.

But whatever you do, don’t fall for this. Do not use your Nakumatt card to pay for anything especially online, you will be disappointed. (Read Why Here)


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