Chargers. Glasses and Nitrogen. That is what’s up.

Hello Interneters. Welcome, to my show, What is The Point? Where we ask whether there’s a point to all this madness. Todays’ episode is sponsored by the Daily Standard. The newspaper that lets you know whats going on where. No thinking. No judgement. Infact they do not have an editorial board. They just scrap together whatever trending tweets and publish them on paper. The Daily Standard. Get it now in a jam near you.

Today I woke up feeling super excited as hell. That lasted for like 2 seconds and it was back to default settings. I tried to leave my mobile charger to spice up the day. As soon as I got to the busstop I realize I do not have my glasses. I got there in time for the bus this time round though so I could not go back. So forgive every typo you find here. I am literally typing with my eyes off. They are completely off  and on the desk, next to the chococup.

What is the point of this episode?

Absolutely nothing. I got to the lab to find the machine I was to use has ran out of nitrogen and I cant get a lab tech this minute. They are off to lunch (why am I not?) so I have to wait till the next O’Clock. So I thought, why not waste you guys’ time too. Genius huh?

Anyway, that comes to the end of the show, write down your comment and tell me what the point is. If you liked what you saw, click like. Subscribe if you havent already. I will see you guys tomorrow.


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