I had planned on watching Interstellar earlier. However, having been through the mind tricks that are synonymous with Christopher Nolan movies, I chose to wait until I was ready. I have still not recovered from the confusion that is Memento. I watched without being sufficiently ready.

I still haven’t googled what interstellar really means. Does it mean between worlds?

In preparation for Interstellar, I did what I am now recommending as necessary for anyone hoping to enjoy a Christopher Nolan film.

  1.  Get enough rest. Make sure that you have had enough sleep before watching your Nolan film. This is not a Vine you are watching. His movies tend to be long with a plot inside a plot inside a shamba, so your alertness is of importance.
  2.  Avoid distractions. If you feel that there is something that is bound to distract you during a Nolan film, get rid of it in advance. Send your kids to their grandmother. Make sure you don’t have food on the stove. Give your house girl leave. Milk the cow earlier. Switch off your phone. Switch on your brain. Anything. Just do anything that will maximise your attention. This is not like those national exams that you didn’t for study for because you had a Mwakenya. This is serious business.
  3. Get rid of negative energy around you. This may include your significant other who says things like ‘I found Inception boring’. Why are you even dating this person? Ask yourself.
  4. Get a HD copy of the movie. If you get a copy that is less than 1080p 720p burn it. If you see those Chinese subtitles that cannot be switched off, burn the copy. If you see the silhouette of man at the corner of the screen who keeps walking around whispering, ‘sorry, excuse me, let me through’, burn the copy and go slap your movie vendor.

NB: If during the course of the a Nolan film Kenya Power does what it does best (being unreliable), don’t continue watching when the lights come back. The aura is already fucked up. Wait days, even weeks, until you have forgotten the movie and then start again.

These may seem like extreme measures but then again, so are Nolan movies. I mean, have you guys seen Memento?

I followed these 4 Steps Required To Enjoy a Nolan Film and found that I almost understood Interstellar. That was huge for me.  But maybe that was because I am supposed to be well versed with the physics in the movie. It’s all about gravity really. So much so that I think this is the movie that was supposed to be called Gravity.  Cuarón’s Gravity has so little to do with gravity and everything to do with the lack of it. It should have been called Anti-Gravity or Gravityless or Something.

The plot

Interstellar is a love story between a young girl (who grew up with a smart father) who secretly fell in love with her dad’s colleague. She risks the lives of many to embark on a pointless journey that is so long that you just know that she will find that her lover is dead.

Interstellar. A movie about a guy with a funny accent that is Into Stella? No.

But seriously, I liked the story. It is not a remake or based on a book, a movie, a comic, or a true story. This was all made up. How rare is that in today’s movies. The ideas may have been borrowed but the story is fresh.


It is directed by Christopher Nolan, whose work I love, just in case it was not clear. He makes me happy. Confused, but the happy kind. I have noticed that he likes to play around with time immensely. Look at his other movies. He seems to be even more fascinated by time than me. I am a crazy ‘time manipulation’ fan. If I ever could be a superhero I would like to control time. Have you heard that Santa?


Beautiful. The fictional planets look amazing. I am not aware who the Director of Photography is but I am sure if Nolan chose him, I need not worry. That ice cloud. The Saturn rings didn’t look as cool as those in Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey but they were awesome still.

Look at the amazing ice planet. They had to go to Iceland to get such shots I assume.


I liked that scene where they used birds chirping and other nature sounds as a soundtrack in space. It made me feel things. I was shocked to find the music was by Hans Zimmer. I know I shouldn’t (be shocked) because he is a Nolan favourite. It’s just that I expected that nduuuuuuuu! kind of trumpet score that was in Inception (and is now being abused in all action movie trailers).


I hated Topher Grace’s act. That older Murph too. I liked 10 year old Murph though. And Matthew McC’s character too. I felt like I was watching True Detective. Another show I love. Alfred <insert real name here> was also great and so were the others, I guess. I have nothing to say about Anne Hathaway’s acting. I didn’t feel her and didn’t hate her either. She was just there.


I need a whole post to just discuss the science in this fiction in this movie. I don’t think I learned it properly. I am hoping to get someone to discuss it with. I loved the theories being thrown around. Black-holes, time travel, multi-universes, multi-dimensions, aliens etc. ‘If you love these themes Dexxe, how come you have never watched akina Starwars, and those other space movies that are so popular?‘ I don’t know. I don’t know why I have never bothered with movies like Startrek, and that one with akina Spock. Is that still Starwars? There is this other one whose name I am forgetting. Anyway, I am not a fan of space movies, but maybe this changes that.

This is a black hole.

Favourite scene

When they got to Mann’s Planet and were waking him from the cryosleep*. From the way the camera was making a big deal about revealing his identity, I knew this was going to be a cameo appearance. As the camera was closing up on him to show who was playing the Mann character I had my rectum clenched and with bated breath kept thinking,

It’s probably Leonardo DiCaprio. I hope it is. Let it be DiCaprio. Yaaaaaay. I knew it. It’s DiCaprio. Yes!! Why does he look like a discount Matt Damon though? He looks fatter. How did they make DiCaprio look like a fat Damon? I don’t know but that is amazing.’

They are about to wake up Dr. Mann

Favourite character

My favourite character was 10-year-old Murph played by <insert name here>. She moved me. Her older self, I didn’t really care much for.

Her name is Mackenzie Foy.

Favourite line.

I have none.


Watch Interstellar even if you did not understand Inception/Memento/Shutter Island. I think this one is a bit easier on the brain. Especially if you know that time is relative and that a black-hole has such a strong gravity that it can suck in light. And don’t forget the 4 Steps Required To Enjoy a Nolan Film.

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