As the election day draws closer,  the fear of another post election violence heightens. If not for everybody else, then for me. My defence mechanism so far has been to avoid the mainstream news because that is the easiest fear spreader. But let me be positive for a while. As much as Kenya has not healed from its wounds inflicted 5 years ago, we have gotten better. So chances of having a repeat genocide are less than then. People might die but not as many as last time. That might not sound optimistic but it is the best I can come up with.

Others, however, are more optimistic and better at spreading the peace message and I would advice us to listen to them. This is the only country we’ve got. We will be incited to war by people who will not be negatively affected by it. Their families will be safely out of the country or in secure neighbourhoods as you slice your neighbour because you were told he doesn’t have the right accent. Let’s resist the temptation.

But then again I think it is very blind and assumptive of us pacifiers to go on a peace preaching trip without really researching the problem. Why would someone agree to kill someone else just because they have been given a few hundred shillings? Why would someone torch a church full of men, women and children, just because his leader insinuated that that community is full of hatred for Kenya? Why is it so easy to control poor and desperate people? Why are we wasting time spreading peace when we know hatred can be spread in hours and destroy all that we have worked for? Research. It is the only way we can move forward

I found a blog that has peace posters that looked really good and I am sharing them here so that we can conjure up that patriotism spirit that will make you feel calm during this time. Don’t ever say I never used this blog to spread peace. I am The 254 Republican and I should be the on the fore front of this cooling campaign.

 The owner of WordTrace  is a John Jumbi and he must have gone through a lot of trouble to come up with these wallpapers so the least you could do is look at them. He has different sizes for different gadgets so go there are download new wallpapers.

Welcome to PeaceMaker
Welcome to PeaceMaker

PeaceMaker [50] – I am a PeaceMaker
PeaceMaker [49] – Letter to my MP

PeaceMaker [48] – I Believe in #KOT
PeaceMaker [48] – I Believe in #KOT
PeaceMaker [47] – If we must Fight…
PeaceMaker [46] – A Cheaper Price
PeaceMaker [45] – You Only Live Once #YOLO
PeaceMaker [44] – Make a speech
PeaceMaker [43] – STOP
PeaceMaker [42] – 40,000,000 Solutions
PeaceMaker [41] – My Code is +254
PeaceMaker [41] – My Code is +254
PeaceMaker [40] – Let’s not forget

When this project started in October last year, WordTrace had 10 posters for that months. The rate slowed down drastically with the seizure of posts all together in December. He had promised 50 posters before the elections and frankly I feel cheated. The designs are great. What happened buddy? Did this hobby interfere with your paying job? Were you paid to stop? Did you finally realize that this was a long shot? 20 more posters. With your skill I am sure you can make it before March 4th. Do not give up, Kenya needs you and more importantly, I have already used up the 10 desktop wallpapers and I need fresh ones.

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