I got to say, today I did not have a prime time from the moment I woke woke up, at 7 till now at 11. I am walking staggeringly because I have been taking derivatives. I spent the better parts of the day revising for my Advanced Calculus resit exam and it has just reached a critical point where I just want to derive myself off the roof. I know it it sounds improper but I do not know any other way to express this implicitly. My brain has reached its maximum upper limit and if it is subjected to any more continuous function , it is going to split itself into many partial fractions and then I would have to go to L’Hôpital’s before I get a Stoke.
My brain has not experienced such a rate of change for months now. So high a rate that I now cannot differentiate between the growth and decay of my brain. I should take this as a sine that I was not meant to do math. But  I want my grad degree. So I will keep on scribbling until my pencil runs out. Then I will go and curve another one straight out of a natural log. Then keep on calculating till my fingers get number and number from holding my pencil.
I can cope with the theorems, the calculation and whatnot but I draw the line on graphs. I hate plotting graphs.  ‘Y nought?’, you may ask. Because I never got it ever since primary school. I always saw it would not add value to my life, I mean, don’t get me wrong.  I know calculus is very variable to me and that it is an integral part of today’s society but sometimes its just too subtracting. But if I explain this to my dad, do you think he’d understand? Cosecant! He will just start adding that I will fail out of school and miss out on ever wearing Taylored suits because calculus is a determinant of this. And that instead I will only get a job where i wear overalls and carry multipliers since all I will be doing is fixing rich peoples’ chain rules and cleaning areas covered by volumes of dirt all over the surface.
I am absolutely sure I do not want that to happen. I want to be rich and have money that increases exponentially. Then get acute girl that is right for me and never obtuse and with a beautiful tan. And I can flatly say that I do not want one with a plane figure, or oddly enough anyone who is 3 times my age. So basically, someone that is….

Too Good To Me To Be Forgotten

So I have to work harder, make sure I can integrate my social into my educational life . I know this will make me tensor and tensor but I count on God to help me through this times. I know there is no shortcut or straight route in life and that is why I have to find a square route instead and hope that it is not too complex for i to handle. But there is hope because like a wise man once said, there is nothing to sphere but sphere itself. So I have to stop being negative or getting nonplussed whenever life presents a problem. I should just consider the resit as a pi the way and make sure that I am prepared to ace the test and remember to add (after showing my proofs)

Q to the E to the muthafac!ng D 

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