Before I go any further, let me just say how difficult it was for me to come up with this post. I had to drink 4 cold glasses of milk just to give me courage and prepare me for the sweating that would follow. Also, a warning, this post contains some graphic pictures that may make your skin crawl. And I am not just saying this to make you read it or reload your Opera Mini with images on.

Everyone has their phobias some real some made up to avoid going outside. But thing is, real or not, these fears control us. To the point that some cannot function in society. I am controlled by a lot of things, and I think it is time I reduced the puppetry. I am starting with the irrational ones. Trypophobia: irrational fear of clustered holes. I did not even know I had this.

I have watched a lot of things over the ages of puberty but I have never seen something that disturbed me this much. I watched a YouTube video the other day of a rebel killing a hostage. I watched it enough times to notice how he just cut near the jugular to make sure that his death would be slow and painful. It did not disturb me even after being found to be authentic and being taken down like an hour later by YouTube  Maybe it is because of all the mob justice[s?] I have seen in real life. I watched the two girls playing with that cup…. while eating. I was not grossed out at all. I actually thought people were being unnecessarily verbal about that clip. Maybe because I had a subscription of Asian skat porn. These oriental people are freaky man. Two Girls One Cup is child’s play. Anyway, point is, I have watched the weirdest of porn and still was not traumatized.

Just last week I watched a video of a stray dog saving another one that had been hit on a 6 lane highway. It risked it’s life to save a dog that it barely knew. Then the video suddenly changed to a video where a 2 year old girl was ran over by a van and the driver realized this, did it again anyway and ran off. She got ran over a couple of times and around 18 passersby saw her lying there in pain but did nothing. She died after a few minutes and it was a very saddening clip. But it did not traumatize me. Watched it enough times to count the witnesses and all it did was made my eyes watery and exclaim that people are disgusting with every passerby ignoring her. But I still slept at night.

But now last year, as I was browsing around the interwebs, I came across the most horrifying picture I have ever seen. I have never ever gotten over it. I have nightmares about it. This is not a joke. What is this picture, you may ask? It was a picture of woman’s boob with holes in it. That sight made my blood thicken and chills run down my spine. I almost smashed my computer to bits. People later on would try and convince me that it was Photoshopped but I did not care. It looked horrible. I wanted my bad memory to kick in and wipe my brain clean. But life is not that fair. So there I was, picture of holes replaying all over making my hair stand and shit.

This is the picture that made me realize I can not stomach everything on the internet. If this doesn’t make your skin itch, crawl and-slash-or sweat, you are lucky

It has gotten so bad that nowadays I do not eat pancakes. I am giving up pancakes for crying out loud. How much out of control can I be? There are very few things I eat and I am not about to reduce that number by one. Especially pancakes. Hell, I am going to deal with this fear of holes  like I dealt with my addiction to chocolate.  Filling myself up with as many images I can until I am able to handle myself.

Easier said than done so I decided to post these pictures on my own blog so that I can come across them every so often. Hopefully this will work. I never delete my posts and I hope I wont start now. So this post will be here until I get ‘cured’. I will be adding more holey pictures as I get them and I urge you to tag me to whichever ones you find.

I realize that this fear is so popular that they even a name for it so I apologize to all other trypophobic people that come across this post. Your solution to curing yourself may not be as drastic as mine but it is cheaper than a shrink. To people that never new these things existed, no more sleeping with the lights off. You are welcome.

Okay, so without further ado, below are some of the pictures I consider the most disturbing. (If you don’t find the source on the caption, it’s because I couldn’t look at them long enough to write it up. I am just copy pasting them, they wouldn’t even be hosted on this blog. They are mostly from )

Image result for trypophobia test

Image result for trypophobia test

Image result for trypophobia test

Image result for trypophobia treatment

Image result for trypophobia treatment


  1. Tricia, Reply

    I feel this article almost down to a t. I never felt so squirmy about anything more than that picture of that boob i seen yesterday. I researched it, looked at more pictures and realized that the larva that was coming out was disgusting but didnt make me feel as weird as i do about the consistency of the holes.
    Have you gotten over this? If so how?

    • Dexxe, Reply

      Hey Tricia,

      I just saw what this comment is in response to and I tried my best not to click the post. I am writing this from a browser that doesn’t show pictures. I have clearly not gotten over this so I cannot shed a light on how you would. I think the best way is to look at them for so long till you get used to but I am not about to try that. Let me know if you find a cure.

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Sean, Reply

    … and why do i WANT to look at more????

  3. gloria, Reply

    I have the exact same phobia. Mine gives me nightmares, the images keep flashing through my mind yet I wanna see more,maybe that’ll be the ultimate cure but it’s even worse, can’t sleep at night. My skin itches at the mere thought of the holes. It’s crazy!

    • Dexxe, Reply

      Gloria, i also thought looking at the pictures a lot would cure me but alas, that was not the case.
      Thanks for visiting this blog.

  4. Morgan, Reply

    Are some images actually real? Or are they all photoshoped or painted? The fact that it could be real freaks me out the most, kind of like creepypastas.

    • Dexxe, Reply

      Morgan I did not look at the images long enough to tell whether they were fake or not. Just the slightest glance and I freak out. Even if they are fake I still freak out when I see them. Brrrrr. Creepypasta indeed.

  5. Dawn, Reply

    The ones on skin, most of those are in fact from a lotus pod. I can look at those and while my skin does itch and hurt, it’s mostly due to empathic urges from something that is clearly fake, others are actually photoshopped well.

    One of them is from an electronic device and the other is food.

    It’s gross, but there is some merit in looking at these images over and over. Some symptoms may never go away, but you are in fact onto something by constant exposure and desensitizing yourself to it.

    Yes, they will always be gross, but I am at the point where I can look at it and declare fake. Just think, if those were real, there would be a lot more blood. There would be infection and puss instead of just worm like things peeking out of it. It would be gorier than I care to really want to see on an image.

    Thinking this and looking for the errors in a picture helps me.

    Over time, the empathic itching may go away.

    • Dexxe, Reply

      Hey Dawn,
      Thanks for passing by. You are indeed right. IF these were real there would be more blood. It’s just that the images never make me think that far ahead. I just see them and freak out. But the desensitization thing seems to work. Every comment I get makes me few the images and I realize that I am not always extremely squirmish. Although it takes me a few days to get courage to open up the post.

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