Last weekend was tough for Kenyans after terrorists took over the Westgate Mall for 4 days. Killing everyone they decided. Men, women and children. In the most barbaric and monstrous manners possible. It maybe difficult to learn the truth of what happened and whether it could have been avoided but one thing is for sure, we are going to go all racial in everything we do.

There has been recent bomb attacks over the years in Eastleigh with every new attack exploding closer to our house. The last one was just outside our gate where we pick matatus. The next one will be in our compound if my fears are anything to go by.

After every attack you would notice that Kenyans become scared for a while as they looked at people of Cushitic origin suspiciously. I am tall, thin, with soft woolly hair and live in Eastleigh. The number of times I have been confused for a Somali is so large that I even have an Islamic name. Omar. So with this new attack it would be wise for me to walk around everywhere.


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