I broke my glasses again. Hit my face on a wall as I was walking hurriedly down the hallway. Now that I think about it, I don’t know why I was hurrying. All I remember was walking out the door and my earphone got entangled on the door knob and pulled me back as I was avoiding to make its thin cable break. I tripped, slapped the wall with my face and broke my glasses. The impact did not hurt. At least not as much as it did to find that I had broken my glasses. What’s worse? The earphones that I was trying so hard not to break (and what caused all this) broke anyway. That made me get depressed.

everybody is different

She sits there, all jittery, waiting for the results. Praying inwardly and hoping that they are positive results. She could not take bad news right now. Her finals are in a week and she needs to ace them if she is to get her parents off her back. They had threatened to take back her car if she got another fail. She could not lose Malefy, her beloved Toyota Vitz. She’d have to go to school by matatu and she didn’t even know where her stage was. This realization makes her pray even more. Please let them be positive. Please let them be positive.

‘Ms. Khalifa?’

She opens her eyes to find the doctor in front of her. She stands up in a jerk.

“Call me, Carol.”

‘We have good news and bad news.’

What the hell is this? She thinks, a medical drama?

‘What’s the posti…I mean good news?’

‘You are not pregnant.’

She feels like a 2 ton brick had been lifted off her. She breathes with a sigh of relief. Thank you God for the positive news. You really do exist.

‘The bad news is,’

says the doctor when he sees she is about to leave,

‘you are HIV positive.’

She stops mid track. Trying to figure out whether she has hallucinated that part. She didn’t care. Either way, she is not pregnant. She leaves before the doctor could tell her more. She would find out later that despite the fact that she’d rather be HIV + than be pregnant,  these results would depress her.

Everybody Is Different.

He knew no one would believe him. That is wife attacked first. He was twice her size and should therefore have been able to stop her calmly. Now as he stood over her dead body, he couldn’t help but feel a wave of panic. He dropped the gun and it fell with a splat on the puddle of blood that was spreading slowly around Sylvia’s body.
What should he do? What could he do? He felt weak in the knees and decided to sit before he collapsed. Surely someone must have heard that gunshot. This was to be confirmed later by a knock on the door. He knew the voice behind the door very well. It was Gibson. The reason why his wife is dead. She had accused them of having an affair with each other and  threatened to shoot him if he did not confess. If the wife knew, that meant she might spread the news. He could not have that. And had to act fast. Well, he acted too fast and now he was stressed.

Everybody Is Different

She lay there breathing raspily and coughing up blood on the cold hard tarmac. She watched as the dark skies opened up and tiny water droplets fell on her. A distant street light flickered on and off dimly. Or was she the one dozing off? She couldn’t tell. She had to get to hospital, she thought, but she couldn’t move. She was paralyzed. She saw the headlights of another car approach and swerve harshly to avoiding hitting her. It did not stop.
It was late at night and Jane should not have been walking alone on the streets in the first place. She had been ambushed by a group of 5 men who threatened to kill her if she did not give them everything she got. They were not just talking about money and jewelry. They meant everything. Living in Dandora, she knew it was just a matter of time before even she got raped. All her friends had. They kept on telling her that her time would come too. Especially after she insisted she was ‘unrapeable’. Fighting off 5 men, however, seemed impossible. But she had a plan. Jane always had a plan. It would have worked out great too if she had a little luck to go with her plan. With her cunning intellect, she had managed to knock two assailants out and the other 3 were hot on her trail as she raced through the alley. She needed to get across the road and she would be safe. She was fast and knew she would make it before the men. She had calculated carefully.
The van came out of nowhere. Even her fast reflexes were no match for the 300 hp VW.

As was about to cross the road completely, this 2 ton metal construction rammed hard into her tossing her high into the air and dropped hard on her head. A hit and run. The van owner would later hear that she was dead and this would make him very depressed.

everybody Is different

Andrew stared into the mirror and his reflection stared back. He leaned over the sink to get closer to his face. His eyes were as white as the tiles on the bathroom walls, but the eyeballs were pink. Is that how it worked? He got closer still and opened his right eye fully with his fingers. Are the pupils dilated? He couldn’t tell. He had fogged the mirror as his mouth and nose were too close to the mirror. He took another look at the aspirin bottle. Are these fake? They had to be. Kenya always gets the fake shit. Fourteen tablets at once and not even feeling woozy. Thirty minutes had passed so he had to look for another alternative. Luckily, he had expected this failure. Opening the cabinet behind the mirror and pulled out a packet of shaving razors and got into the bathtub. The water was hot but not scalding. Perfect he thought. The aspirin had not worked but there are plenty of ways to kill an Andrew. The water was filling up the tab rapidly, about to get to the brim. He decided not to close the tap.  Fuck it, it’s not like I’ll be here to clean it up. Stretching out his wrist, he paused. Then laughed. After all the time and research he has spent on this he still was not sure whether to slit his wrist across the vein or along it. An IQ of 210 and this I can’t figure out. He decided he had two arms and would use one method on each. The slicing was not painful. Maybe it was but the aspirin had numbed him. Maybe because his brain willed it not to be. Nonetheless, he was glad it did not hurt. As he sat there, with his blood gushing into the water, nothing ran through his mind. He did not wonder who would find him after he was gone. He did not care how it made them feel. His mind just synced with the rhythm with the water splashing.
What time is it? This is taking too long he thought. Could it backfire like the aspirin? I made several deep cuts there is no way this could backfire. He seemed to sit there for an eternity. Finally his mind wandered. I should write IT WAS BECAUSE OF YOU! on the mirror to mess people up. Each member of the family would keep wondering “who? me?” It would be hilarious.

Dru? DRU!?

He heard her twin sister hurrying up the stairs and panicked. Andrea was supposed to be in the Coast. What the hell. She was not meant to….

Everyone is different

‘…so that is why, you should invest in the Mkuka Project.’

A loud applause ensued as Jimmy got a standing ovation. He had just closed a deal that would earn his company billions of Kenyan shillings. He looked around over the cheering crowd. He should be happy, yet he was not. He could not figure out why. He had everything. Trophy wife, smart kids, big houses, exotic cars yet, still, he felt empty. Could he be so thankless?  To be blessed thus and still not be content? He had spent a lot of time in church but he found no answers there . A shrink was no use either. Just expensive. He had to figure out what was up and soon.

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