As it will become obvious later on, I am a fan of Tarantino’s movies. I like how unexpected his movies are, how cheap they are and how he recycles actors who do not recycle their act. Up to this day I still cannot believe I finished watching Reservoir Dogs without realizing that there was no woman in the whole movie (except that one that screams for like a second). Or that Samuel L. Jackson was in Inglourious Basterds.

The way he casts his movie is genius. This will be the first time Leonardo Di Caprio is playing a supporting role in over a decade. Tarantino had offered him a role in Inglourious Basterds earlier on but he was like if I ain’t the lead then fuck it and fuck you. The movie went on to become a hit, probably why he found time for this supporting role.

So what is Django Unchained about. I do not care. I would watch it even if it was about drowning puppies then feeding them to babies. But I am sure it is something along those lines. It is set during slavery and the lead is Jamie Foxx so you are assured that he will bring up shit that people had forgotten (like people owning other people by force instead of by trickery like these days). But he’ll make it in such way that you will enjoy anyway. Inglorious Basterd style.

Tim Roth is not in it. I feel bad because I enjoyed his collaborations with QT especially in Four Rooms. Or maybe it’s the kids that I loved, I dunno. That was my best room. Yours?

So I am going to the theatre when it premiers right? Now hold on one minute. Why would I do that? Tarantino movies have way too much violence. And the way things are going, with the senseless killings going on everywhere, I am suspecting that if the premier date has not been pushed forward already, then he will be forced to cut out the gory parts. So I will be waiting for the DVD, which will have like an extra 1 and a half hours.

I am usually not a fan of trailers unless I see them more than 6 months before the release of the movies ( I want to have forgotten it by the time I watch the movie), but here are the trailers.

I heard Rick Ross music is in it but I am still excited.


At least in this movie I am sure there is a female present.


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