This malaria I am suffering from has brought on dark memories from high school. Well I guess I should just say memories because the whole high school experience was dark. Anyway, I tell my friend about the incident I mentioned in the previous post but he doesn’t believe me. Says it’s too extreme. In normal high school, the bottom 10 were not put up on stage and made fun of. I grew up with that and thought that is how schools were. Damn. Something I forgot to mention was the fact that these bottom students would be made to chant some words that were meant to promise that they wont fail again.

‘We will not fail again. We will not stand here next term.’

Or something of the sort.

However, a new memory has surfaced and this, even I think is disturbing. Our deputy headteacher kept sexually molesting everyone with his weird punishments. You see, corporal punishment was still the in thing even after it was banned. because our school was so interior that nobody would bother coming to check that this ban was enforced. It was so common to get a beating  (whether as punishment or as bullying) that the end of the day would be a time to compare war wounds. Punishment was even being offered by prefects and bullying done by teachers so it was all very confusing. One example of a prefect punishment I remember was in Form 1 when a 4th Form prefect caught a Form 1 pupil skiving his morning duties. Nigga got slapped so hard he went deaf. Literally. His left ear started acting up and had to go to a doctor who said all hope was lost and warned him from ever getting into a swimming pool. Something about pressure. We did not find this disturbing at all. Even blamed the Form Oner. Some offered advice. ‘Learn how to duck, nigga’

But what is this sexual molestation punishment I am talking about? Are you ready? Here goes

Our deputy, who I will call MadDog (or Maddy for short) to hide his real name, had this kind of punishment that he called Freestyle (sexual innuendo right there). This Freestyle involved him taking you by the nipples and twisting them and he lifted you close to his face. It was very painful. He would twists and turn them as he pulled and pushed them so that you would end up looking like you are dancing awkwardly. If you screamt or grabbed his hands , the situation would worsen so we tried avoiding that. Include his bad breath (he would pull us really close, guys. Like-he-wanted-to-kiss-us close)  and our young age and you have a recipe for the most disturbing BDSM voyeur foreplay ever.

For the two years that Maddy was there while I too was, it was estimated that no single pupil has ever escaped getting freestyled as we called it. No one. Not even the Goody Two Shoes snitches. Everyone got felt up by this crazy man. Some more than others. I am proud to say that it only occurred once to me. And by then standards, I was very very very lucky. Truth is. I was just very dormant. Never got in trouble. Never got into anti trouble. It’s like I never was there. My motto was, Don’t Be Noticed.

The reasons for getting freestyled varied. From waking up late, to getting a question wrong (he was a math teacher) to sleeping in class. Reasons were so many that in a day you would find yourself caught doing 6 different ones. 6 Freestyles. One guy in my class, was in so much trouble, so many freestyles, that his nipple fell off. He showed us his chest and it was just missing. He didn’t feel that much pain, he confided, I am guessing it was just coming off day by day or something but still. Nigga now has only one nipple. How twisted (oh look, puns) is that? We tried getting him to tell his mom to come raise up a storm but he didn’t want to look like a pussy, and refiled the nipple loss under ‘grass burn while playing football.’

Something else disturbing about Maddy’s Freestyle is how he held eye contact, how he salivated and slurped like he was really enjoying it.

Ssssssssssss. Yes, why were you sleeping? Sssssssssss.

I guess he really did enjoy it.

We were glad that he got moved to another school. A promotion. Went to be a headteacher. Poor them.

But before he left, he introduced a newer rape  punishment that was even more scary. This one, not many received but this was when I should have realised what a sick man this guy was. Really sick. Psychopath sick.

It was for the big crimes. Like being a fourth former who was caught beating up a mono.

He would call you into his office and ask you to go into zero-contour. He loved math. Zero contour was a math reference which I dont get but understood. It meant lie down on your stomach. His office was small so you’d have to get under his desk with your butt sticking out. Normally he then whip us with a nyahunyo but this day he decided, ‘Fuck it, I no longer get off on Freestyles’ and shoved his shoe up the nigga’s arse. The student later told us that he was so shocked he tried getting up only to be put back down when his head hit the desk.

It was like Maddy was trying to stick his foot up our arses. I heard that he would spread your legs before kicking your asshole with his pointy leather shoes. And here we thought anal rape was only in prisons. Oh wait, that high school was kind of like a prison. We are glad this didn’t catch on. Or maybe it did, in his new school. I hope not.

Anyway, Maddy if you can read this. Just know you were scary and I hated you. I cannot speak for the others that you ‘raped’, raped, abused and what not. I am sure you thought that was the best way to instil discipline or just was one of those creepy homophobic homosexuals. Either way, I hope you sought help about your pschopathy and I wish you all the best in life. I forgive you. But also tell you that all the nights we would sit around in our dorms and fantasize how we would torture then kill you. LOFL. Cheers – Dexxe

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  2. Erikologee, Reply

    Hii maneno ni faaaayyyyaaaa,

    did that guys ear ever get fixed? Did your boys nipple ever grow back?? these are questions that will forever keep me up at night.

  3. Vin, Reply

    Dude, I think we were in the same high school!

  4. Ongaro, Reply


  5. muruthi, Reply

    hapo yenyewe I concur with the above story. I got my fair share of the freestyle but not the arse thing….anyway the memories make some shiver….damn

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