daredevil_sr_1When I watch a show I usually go on a Twitter monolog, describing in real time what I am thinking in every second of watching. I usually do old movies and shows. Because there is a lesser risk of posting a spoiler that will get me blocked. Nah, I am lying, it takes me long to get current shows in the format I want them in. Anyway, due to the advancement of my internet apps and technologies I was able to watch Netflix’s Daredevil immediately it was released. I wanted to compare it with the movie which was still fresh in my mind. I was impressed. And went on a rant. That got me writing to one of the few nerdy sites coming up in Kenya.

To see what I thought of Netflix’s Daredevil, check out V3rcity . I do not have the energy to copy paste all that 54kb of data here again. It is bad for the environment.

Vincent D’Onofrio is Kingpin in Daredevil

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