Hello and welcome. In today’s post I will outline the procedure of connecting your smartphone to the proxied school internet. As an example, I will use University of Nairobi to set up an Android phone as requested by one of my followers with the handle @dishnyau whose real name is Bang Bang and looks like a gold plated pistol. Either that or he lied about his real name and real looks. Which I highly doubt.

so this was tested with UoN’s internet. But if you are a chap chap fella, you can turn this to work with whatever net you use.

I made my computer into a hotspot using Intel Wifi Dashboard. This is because the wifi was always unreliable and would black out oftenly. The LAN uses the same proxy setting so I guess it’s okay.

Use My Wifi Dashboard to WiFinize your LAN. Faster speeds than regular wifi.
Use My Wifi Dashboard to WiFinize your LAN. Faster speeds than regular wifi.

Next I connected my Android to this new and hot hot network and modify it. Long press the network and select modify. Show advanced options and select manual proxy settings. the hostname is localhost and proxy port is 8008. Leave the bypass blank and IP settings to DHCP.


Modify the setting of the new hotspot you connected to.
Modify the setting of the new hotspot you connected to.


I then downloaded this free app called SandroProxy from the app store and installed and opened it.

I clicked on the options tab (those 3 vertical dots on the top right of the screen) and selected wizard.

Choose connect to other proxy and input the campus internet proxy setting and port number. In the case of UoN that will be proxy.uonbi.ac.ke:80 . Input your Wifi credentials. eg. username A01/0214/2014@students and password 214@dex. Check active, set and click done.

Modify the setting of the new hotspot you connected to.
Modify the setting of the new hotspot you connected to.

The magic should start. Now try using any app on your phone. I used Twitter because addict.

Magic, ey?
Magic, ey?


If not, this is where a bit of trial and error comes in. click that spanner and make try and see if there is anything that seems familiar. If so change it to what you think it’s best. If not get out of there quickly and run into a corner and start crying.

That or you can try another awesome app called Drony by the same guess. This however requires that you have your phone rooted. Which is what I did to mine. If you have no idea how to root, you should not be having a smart phone. LOL, JK. Just ask or Google. It is a ‘risky’ process and voids your warranty. But if you don’t care, then do it and repeat the steps above. But instead of 8008 use 8020. Then click ON. The magic should happen.

Magic 2. Damn, it's like Blaine up in this.
Magic 2. Damn, it’s like Blaine up in this.

Hope this helps you or anyone who uses Android on school internet and wants to make full use of the money they paid. If not, ask and I’ll help if I can. SandroProxy has been working fine for me until recently so that is why I am asking you to try out your luck with the settings if the default doesn’t work. Drony works marvelously but requires a rooted phone so yeah.


You can skip the whole hotspot bit if you have a strong chemichemi signal.

Your Android version has to be higher than 2.3 if you want to use SandroProxy.

What else am I forgetting?

Anyway, try it out and let me know.


This marks the first post of Dexxe on the Decks feature that lets you ask me anything. ANYTHING. No matter how ridiculous, ‘illegal’, mundane and I will try my best to find the best answer for you. But I may not always have the answer so I may just evade the question by making up my own. The 8-4-4 way. TBH, I just want to see the weirdest question I will be asked.

3 Responses to “Connecting To Chemichemi on your Android Phone”

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  2. GGM, Reply

    Thank you for this info.

    At the current, the University has removed Chemichemi from the networks list. Is there a way of going round the other network, Chemiweb or UoNWifi for use on an Android device?

    • Dexxe, Reply

      Hey GGM, I see they changed the system a bit. Let me see if I can see how to connect to it. This method does not seem to work for me either.

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