I wish I was eloquent as I am when talking to myself and imaginary friends. Then I would find a way of convincing you that the first season of Silicon Valley is 17.53 times better than all the seasons of Big Bang Theory combined. But I am not, so I will just spend the rest of the paragraphs trying desperately and failing miserably.

I love comedy, I do, I really do. It’s like, the best.

There is just something about humour that makes me happy. Dark humour, light humour, blue humour etc.

So it is not a surprise that I try to watch every comedy show I can find.

Before I continue, I just want to make it clear that Arrested Development is the best comedy show ever. It has nothing to do with this post but I just want to put it out there before you think otherwise. Best. Comedy show. Ever.

My first comedy love was the sitcoms, esp the black ones. You know, My Wife and Kids, The Jeffersons, etc. Over time, I switched sides and became polarised by any show that has a laugh-track. It was like they were telling you, ‘now laugh’, ‘this is funny now laugh’ , ‘Goddamn it can’t you hear that this live studio audience is laughing, LAUGH’. I found that very threatening. Especially since I did not find some of these jokes thaaaaat funny.

Then I met Malcolm in the Middle. Everything went uphill from there.

This is not to say, I don’t watch laugh-tracked shows. I am a fan of HBO’s Last Week Tonight and CC’s The Daily Show etc.

I am however not a fan of the Big Bang Theory. And this is what now I am hoping to explain. If you haven’t watched this highly rated show, it’s about 4 geeks who are completely smart but awkward who mostly interact with their neighbour who is  a ‘dumb’ pretty blond. It then creates jokes around how dumb each of them are. That is basically it. They later on brought on smarter ladies but they had to have glasses to make them geeky. (Bernadette is hotter than Peggy. But that is just me with my short smart women with glasses and ass fetish)

I never found the show as intelligent as it purported to be. Maybe it’s because of the laugh-track, maybe it’s because Sheldon hates geology. Either way, it stopped being my cup of tea after a few seasons. These days I do not follow it religiously. Hell, I do not even watch it in order. If I find episode 607 before any other episode in Season 6 I will watch it, without caring what the first episodes were about because I know Previously On will get me up to speed.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that BBT is not geeky or funny. I am just saying if I wanted to watch geeks being socially inept and a laugh track to explain to me where I should laugh, I will go for The IT Crowd. Try that show guys. If you love BBT you might also enjoy it. It’s a little better but it’s hard for me to explain why at the moment.

If you want a real geek comedy show, I would recommend Silicon Valley. If you have not seen it. It’s about 4 geeks who are completely smart but awkward who are ….. Ohhh myyyy God. Is Silicon Valley a grown up BBT?

Richard is Leonard. Leader of the pack. Everyone is there because of him.

Jared is Sheldon. Very smart but deep deep social problems. Bigger than the rest of the guys. Relates best to leader of the pack.

Gilfyole is Wolowitz. That sarcasm. That cynicism. That hair.

Penny is Monica. That hot female lead that the protag has a thing for.

Dinesh is Raj. Don’t argue. You know why.

Anyway, ignore all that. Silicon Valley is a great geek comedy. I like it because I can relate. Not the tech bit. God no. The startup thing. And that is why I think this sitcom works. It came out at a time when everyone and their South Asian relative is working on a tech start up.

Common criticisms this show may get may be things like, ‘Why are there no smart female programmers playing lead?’ from feminazis like myself. Well. I sat back and thought about the actual Silicon Valley. What are these female apps/tech things that emerged from that place. I can’t think of any that I use. I am now on WordPress then I will share this on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr, Flipboard, Digg, Yahoo, etc etc. How many of those are founded by women? Honestly I dunno. I just know Mark Zuckerberg.

Another criticism maybe, ‘Why are there no black guys playing lead?’ from blacktivists like myself. To which I repeat as above. I will share this post in a lot of tech apps. Are there any founded by black people? If there are, it’s probably a small percentage. The real Silicon Valley is just for white guys. And the show shows that perfectly. I feel like this show is out to be acurate as it can about the tech world. I bet even the tech Pied Piper uses is based off of real technology. It is not completely made up to please the few people who may feel offended by portrayal of tech. Like me. I completely get lost on those tech jargons. Middle out. Wiessman Score. Dick to Floor….

Another thing about the show is the crassness that is HBO. A lot of cursing and foul language. Some may feel this is not right. Others may feel like it makes them able to explore dark topics. Either way, if you did not laugh at 800 in 10 minutes scene at the end of season 1 then you are one really tight ass. You don’t have to change or anything but you are the reason why there is sadness all around you.

In summary, I dunno what I am saying but if it sound like I love Silicon Valley then that is correct. Check it out if you love laughtrackless humour that may get really silly at times but is also current as fuck.

PS. Do you guys remember Freaks and Geeks? That 1999 show about freaks and geeks? Remember that tall lanky geek with glasses called Bill? Well, he grew up to be that cynical geek with glass called Gilfyole. He didn’t even change the way he talk. I like him.

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