3 people injured
why is the ‘people’ capitalized?

I came about a piece of ambiguous news released by a mass media network NTV via their facebook page that said,

‎3 PEOPLE including two children injured after a policeman shoots at a matatu that defied orders to stop at a roadblock in Kisumu.

Reading this status made me wonder a couple of things at once which made my head hurt. What is with the uppercase ‘people’? What is with including children and not specifying who the 3rd person is? Would it have taken too much space to say, ‘2 Children and a woman were injured…’? By the way, injured how? Were they caught by a stray bullet? Did one bullet go through 3 people or did the cop shoot three times? Were the people injured running away from the gunshot[s] ? Were the 3 PEOPLE including two children passengers of the matatu or passers-by? Where in Kisumu? Man, my head hurt. There was no link to clarify this broad incidence so I decided, fuck it, I will join the 66 people that liked this and move on down the timeline to see if any of my friends had uploaded new baby pictures.

But then I noticed the status had gathered quite a bit of comments. I made the mistake of checking them out. Kenyans are something else. The comment thread included people that had jumped to conclusion, condemned those involved, insulted tribes among other hilariousness. From the way people were talking about the incidence you’d think that NTV was airing the event live on telly.

I mean, if I were to comment on such an ambiguous feed i would have to put an equally ambiguous comment. Like, ‘wow’ or ‘sad’ or ‘LINK! Or it didn’t happen’. A small number of people did this. Small. They were just saddened by the situation and mentioned God.

One mistake on top of another. God help those injured

The rest of the comments were just a reminder of why Kenya is fucked up. Most were calling this cop criminal and compared this with the Baragoi incidence that saw 40+ cops killed by ‘cattle ruslers’. The general feeling was that the commenters were glad that cops were killed in Baragoi because of how they kill innocent civilians elsewhere in the country. There was a general consensus the best response to this situation was violence.

Familiarity breeds comtempt, shida ya 50/- ndio hiyo!!! Apelekwa Baragoi huyu kajinga apatane na wanaume wako na guns, leave the innocent unarmed kids alone! Idiot!
Familiarity breeds contempt. This is the problem with [a] 50 bob [bribe]. Let this fool be taken to Baragoi to meet men with guns, leave the innocent unarmed kids alone! Idiot!
This is distasteful,disastrous and negative insurgency! sometimes mobjustice works on such characters!


The policeman shud b taken to BARAGOI to face the shifter but not innocent kenyans


Bragoi ndio kiboko yenu poor cops. Utauliwa kama njiwa bado. Nkt, this how you failed to reason in Baragoi and u died like siafu.
Baragoi is your medicine poor cops. You will be killed like doves. Nkt, this is how you failed to reason in Baragoi and you died like ants.
Dogs, they were taught  manners in Baragoi that is why they are going to the weak points

Notice how people have already concluded that the reason why the cop shot at the matatu because the driver didn’t leave a bribe. They are even sure it was a 50 bob bribe. This surety is what made me think that NTV was also airing this news. How did they know that?




A lot others did not read the whole thing correctly and ended up thinking that 3 PEOPLE including two children were KILLED! They also had ideas on what the police should have done instead, which mainly included movie stunts like shooting the tires.

what life?



Mr. Kirwa [Police boss], if this cop had at least aimed for the matatu tires we would have understood
Innocent kids killed. He should have taken the licence plate number and left the passengers alone. Stupid guy in a security uniform. Think before any act

But every 100 or so comments a critical person would come up.

And then there were there were those that saw no fault in the cops or the driver but in the passengers.  We have this habit of praising matatus whenever they daringly break a traffic rule and this, they thought, encourages matatu drivers to be as they are. We enable them and the result is we get ourselves shot.

Congrats to the officer. The public has become very stupid.

Then we went tribal. Don’t they always.

To Kikuyus and Kalenjins, as long as it is Kisumu mentioned, the driver was on the wrong and the police was on the right. What brainless tribalism

George Morara, are you a million times tribal! This is Kenya not Nyanza. Wake up boy. Get circumcised so that you learn how to talk to people. [I am assuming Biriris doesn’t think himself tribal]
Kikuyus and Kalenjins wake-up from your slum[b]er. Cant you reason straight, even for a second? What is wrong with you people? are you this stupid? Think [you] Zombies.
And then the comments just got weird.

Let them [kids] be killed. Are those kids more special than our own kids in nep [?]. You people are happy about it so do [am] I. Police do your work of killing [?]
What did you expect him to do? To laugh and say, ‘congratulations’?


So they want to finish Kisumu people so that they don’t vote? Fuck!


Were the kids the ones with the steering wheel? The problem is with the passengers.


And why didn’t the passengers stop the driver ? Police are not to blame. The driver is probably a criminal. Sorry to the affected.


This went on for a while. But no one seemed to deal with what was the main issue, to me. Which is. What is the whole story? NTV should be bombarded with questions of what of happened instead of being let off easy and start fighting among ourselves.  We have become so used to believing everything we hear on the media that we don’t even think twice about verifying. We become molded to think they way they want for what I might only think is to control us.  If what I think is correct then what we should expect is more insecurity/insecurity news intermixed with how you should forfeit your privacy for your own safety or something like that.

This may sound like a conspiracy theory so I will shut up for now until I have better backing.


UPDATE: I have found a link further explaining this incident. http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Three-injured-in-matatu-gun-drama/-/1056/1628090/-/hvkf97z/-/index.html

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