After about 72 of back to back episodes of Community, I got to say, it still doesn’t hold a candle to Arrested Development. Maybe it is because I just found out that Portia di Rossi (Maebe’s Mom on Arrested Development) is a lesbian and is married to Ellen DeGeneres.  How cool is that? That you can find someone who has a Di in the middle of their first and second name. Hey, here is a joke with this shitty joke template that goes around these days.

For lesbians, Ellen D Generes and Portia D Rossi sure have a lot of  D’s between them!

If you got that, you are a disgusting human being. Thank the internet.

A post about Community and I am just yapping about Arrested Development. Focus Dexxe! Focus.

Like I was saying. Not my best but I would definitely recommend it. If you have finished watching all the other movies and shows. No seriously, Community makes a lot of references to a lot other movies and shows. If you are not familiar with pop culture, you will not get a lot of these jokes. Like Abed’s birthday, I got the Pulp Fiction bit, but the formal restaurant bit went right over me. What was that about?

But you do not get them jokes, not to worry, there’s Annie’s boobs.

My favourite episode, the first Paintball episode [1 x 23 Modern Warfare]. The second was only bearable because of Annie’s suit and introduction of Josh Holloway. I am a straight guy so I am not allowed to say that his costume was hot. So I am not going to.

My favourite character is definitely Abed Nadir (played by Danny Pudi). He is the best. If you are a fan of the show, you will know why. If not, this is not a post about Abed, but Annie and her boobs.

Annie Edison, played by Alison Brie, is a recovering drug addict that got disowned by her parents and has to go to a third rate community college to relive all my school fantasies that she could never fulfil when she was fat and ugly. She has no ass, skinny legs that she has to hide in stockings and big boobs in relation to her body. She also has big eyes. This is what I think got me. Or because she reminds me of someone I was in love with in high school. I don’t know. I try not to dwell on the specifics on this one and decided to just get carried away but Annie’s charm and boobies. And carried away I did. I literally have made a folder with pictures from all her scenes in the show. Over 7500 pictures. I think I might have gone overboard.

I am still trying to figure out who is hotter between Alison Brie and Annie Edison. The obvious answer to me is Annie but I am sure others will diagree. Anyway, attached below is a gallery for your judgement and enjoyment. I start of with Alison Brie and I gradually transit to her character. The hottest Annie is the Western Cowgirl Annie, Santa Girl Annie, Werewolf Annie (even when she transformed I like, “I’d still hit that’)  and Spacetime Annie in that order.

For the a bit of the pictures I got from the shows, here is a link to 800 pictures of Annie. I could have uploaded more but the internet lords did not have speed on my site




Alison Brie




Community-Alison-Brie1 allison-brie-community-2 alison-brie-hot-2 alison-brie (1) Community



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