Pineapple belongs on pizza
This is a blog that delves deep into issues such as the racism of pineapple and banana on pizza. Why we should elect a potato for president and how avocado cures cancer. Deep stuff. This is a safe space. Feel free to say anything here. Unless it's something I do not like.
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January, 19, 2017. 13:42 PM
"But I turned out alright"
January, 4, 2017. 06:24 AM
Fun with Fruits
January, 3, 2017. 12:02 PM
My Day So Far
January, 2, 2017. 18:18 PM
So Then
January, 7, 2016. 14:10 PM
Netflix in Kenya
December, 11, 2015. 23:14 PM
Why I Hate Nakumatt and KCB
November, 28, 2015. 23:14 PM
Hello, Hello, Sikuskii
November, 23, 2015. 01:12 AM
Angani's Hostile Racial Takeover
November, 14, 2015. 23:14 PM
Circumcision: Why is that still a thing?

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